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Old 17th March 2013
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Lightbulb MiM PUT (Mario is Missing)

Hey guys, I'm helping out in development (sorta) with a game that I'd like to share with you guys. Its called Mario is Missing: Peach's Untold Tale. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you probably not. But I'd like to spread the word and have people take a look at the hard work and dedication this man Ivan has put into this game.

The game is on which most of you guys already know about. It's a great game. It's a parody of Mario in which you control Princess Peach and pretty much fuck the enemies. Of course it has a story sorta built in but nothing too fancy at the moment as the game is designed by just one guy (others help out occasionally). We already have 74 friends/enemies designed and there are still more on the way. The game is definitely playable for about a good hour or so (as of now). The developer has worked very hard and shows no signs of giving up. All I want is for more people to see the game and enjoy it so his hard work does not go to waste! We are hoping to be able to make a website soon, for he has many other games that are planned. IT IS FREEWARE which means it is completely free, so enjoy it without worry. There is no download necessary, so please dont think of me as a "hentai dumper".

Also if anyone would like to help out (design enemies, props, etc or come up with new ideas, or anything at all) please feel free to make an account and do so. Any help is beneficial to us and it makes us happy to be able to please everyone.

Link to game:

Donations are highly appreciated as it, (quoting the developer)
1- Makes me prioritize this game more than any other task for a reason, making me more present in the forum (
2- Will support the development of the game, as I'll be able to use more hours in the day, the night and even in some dawns to code it, yielding more features.
3- Will make the game have more quality and less bugs.
4- You will have priority in regard to possible features, bug reports and requests you discuss about.
5- It's a way to show me you appreciate the game."
You can visit his blog to donate:

Thank you and please enjoy our game!

P.S sorry for not actually being able to link it as I do not have 15 posts yet. Of course I will start being more active on here as well. So please do not think I am only using this site for my own purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the game or anything else, feel free to ask here or on LoK. I will happily answer to the best of my abilities. If you'd like to contact Ivan, you can pm him on Lok, pm me on here, or just tell me and I'll rely it back to him and get back to you.

Thank you once again! And tell me what you think about the game!!! Feedback helps us alot!

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