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Old 20th November 2012
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Default Hentai Creature Lore: Corrupted Flora

Disclaimer: The 'Lore' used to create these kinds of threads are from my ideas alone, parts of which may be taken from many different sources such as ancient folklore, games, literature, rumor and anything in between, the idea is not to inform the reader so much as entertain them, please try to keep this in mind as you read as you may disagree with the content, it is altered specifically in order to make it more erotic and therefore, may contain passages which directly conflict with other beliefs concerning creatures of the same name. Once again, the content of this article is to entertain, not to inform, if you wish to disagree, please do so in a fair and reasonable manner, preferably in a place such as inside of the thread where discussion may be had regarding such philosophical differences.

Other 'Hentai Creature Lore' entries include....


Hentai Creature Lore: Corrupted Flora


Corrupted Plantlife (Or Flora) is thought to be originated from mutation of already existing plantlife within a region. For instance, within a forest, a tree or bush may become corrupted or within a jungle, a Lotus or Exotic flower may be corrupted.

The reason such dramatic mutations are made is not known, though it is believed the mutations can be triggered if the plant feeds from a river or underground watersource which has become polluted with the semen of an immensely powerful 'Overlord' class tentacle creature (See 'Tentacles' for reference) Whose Tentacles are planted deep enough into the earth that they constantly leak their juices into the local water supply.

Even if a plant is forced to drink from a corrupted source of nourishment for their entire lives, it is unlikely that a plant will become corrupted, only approximately 1% of all plants who nourish themselves with begin to show signs of mutation, however when they do, the change are usually dramatic.


The Appearance of a Corrupted Plant is extremely varied and will generally depend on the original appearance of the non-corrupted version of the plant, though it grows certain 'enhancements' in order to capture it's new prey, there are at least two common traits each corrupted plant has.


These appendages may come in a form similar to tentacles, but may not be tentacles at all, they can be something as simple as a ropelike vine or even something as large as a tongue-like 'arm', used specifically to lift their victims into a pod or another type of holding mechanism the plant may possess.The purpose of such a feature is to apprehend and contain the victims of the plant once they are close.


Most normal plants have a function which releases pollen or spores into the air for reproductive purposes of the plant, but Corrupted Flora alter the function of this pollen, making it detectable by the human or elfish body, which causes them to be incredibly aroused and drawn to it's origin, this is used in combination with the 'grabbers' to lure victims in and snatch them up so that the plant can begin the feeding process.


Unlike other predators, Corrupted Flora are not particularly intelligent, but are incredible instinctual, able to generally outwit their victims just enough to be able to capture them, Corrupted Plants do not make grand plans or scheme to bring down a specific target, but are generally good enough at either blending into the normal (uncorrupted) Flora that they can catch a wanderer off guard as they travel through their territory.

Physical Attributes:

Plants which have become corrupted generally focus alot more of their energy into growing their grabbers than any normal plant would, even plants which has naturally stronger limbs or roots would need to become stronger and more agile so that they can quickly grab onto their victims should they come close and also hold onto them while they feed.

Magical Attributes:

As mentioned previously plants lack the intelligence required in order to create a plan, and because of their instinctual nature, coupled with the that they have no brains and generally cannot speak, it is highly unlikely, though not impossible that a corrupted plant could use magical abilities.


In addition to the process of photosynthesis which many corrupted Flora still utilize in order to survive in the event that they never come in contact with a person, Corrupted Flora's main diet is that of people.

There is as much variation between how a plant will feed on a person as there is as much variation between the appearance of the plant. Even the same base type of plant may favor different energies when it has become corrupted and may be only able to feed from one or all of them.

The energies are as follows;

Male Energy:

Some corrupted plants become attuned to process male semen into power energy for their bodies in much the same way Succubi do, in order to drain semen from their victims, the plant will generally have at least one 'sucker' or another types of opening for the penis to be deposited inside of and massaged, some advance corruptions (such as the Alraune corruption) allow the plant to take the shape of a woman and may even have a vagina, it is unknown how a plant is able to replicate the appearance and functionality of a woman, though it is believed that using the DNA of a previous victim, the plant is able to mold itself into a shape which a male would find physically attractive, more on this later.

Female Energy:

Taking a page from their Tentacle counterparts, some plants develop of their tendrils to appear as a phallus, these phallus appendages are extremely similar in functionality to that of a Tentacle Creature's in that they are able to penetrate and absorb her energy directly from their orifices, it is unknown whether these same orifices can be used to absorb energy from the anal orifice of a male victim, though plants generally prefer one or he other.

Tissue Breakdown or 'Vore':

Some more sinister plants will capture their victims and proceed to ingest them, swallowing their whole bodies and slowly breaking them down inside of the plant with digestive juices, these types of plants are carnivorous and prefer the taste of meat as opposed to the natural energy a male or female may possess.

Each Plant is once again varied in the way that they execute their voracious feeding, sometimes, the creature will force it's victim to consume a fluid or sap which calms them, making them feel nothing but pleasure so the plant can slowly digest their victim without struggle, other times, the plant will strangle it's victim and quickly dissolve the body before it begins to decay inside of the creature, other times still, a plant will swallow it's victim and not kill them at all, instead using the other methods to continuously drain their victims for a long period of time while nourishing them with their own sap.

Regarding Elves:

Elvish anatomy is similar to that of a human, and because elves make their usually their homes in close proximity to nature, they are at increased risk to be victims of these creatures, Though our understanding of elves is limited due to their reclusive nature deep inside of great forests or jungles, we have determined that elves make for a significant number of victims of corrupted plants, perhaps even moreso than humans, though our current data is inconclusive.

'Special' classes of Corrupted Flora:

Sometimes, a Corrupted Plant begins to heavily favor one type of energy other another and is able to have a steady enough flow of victims that they evolve into a form which will allow them to become more adept at catching their victims.

Known Special classes are 'Alraune', 'Venus Girl-Trap', 'Flesh-Lotus' and 'Honeypot', each of whom will be described in greater detail at a later date.


Corrupted Flora does not reproduce, they are anatomically incapable of doing so however they appear to never age after corruption either, whereas many trees and other plants will eventually grow old and die, Corrupted Flora appears to have significant resistance to cellular degeneration, meaning a Corrupted plant may be able to survive for thousands of years if it is not killed or become diseased.

Hunting grounds:

A Corrupted plant functions much as any plant would, never leaving their original soil they sprouted from for their entire lives unless they are moved by some other means. Because of this the 'hunting grounds' of a corrupted plant is decided for them and they must make the most of it, A Corrupted plant may however become powerful enough to draw their desired victim in from a greater distance with their pheromones.

Conclusions and Practical Advice:

Most victims who are caught by these predators are people who are drawn toward the sweet scent of the plant from far away and are captured once they come close enough. Should you find yourself traveling through a heavily vegetated area, be wary of any strange smells you encounter, try to turn back immediately and continue on until you can no longer smell the pungent Oder.

If you are forced to move through an area where the smell exists, be on the lookout for coloration of roots, vines and leafs which is different from that of the surrounding plant-life, this will usually be a great indicator that the plant is corrupted, be advised however than not all plants show discoloration in attempt to shroud themselves.

In the event that you are caught, immediately use your knife to try to sever the 'grabber' which holds or is beginning to pull you in, as you are dragged closer to the plant, more tendrils will undoubtedly join in and attempt further subdue you.

If you are brought into the center of the plant and are completely subdued, continue fighting as best you can, the creature will likely quickly either tear your clothing apart or apply an acid to your clothing which will burn only through it and not you.

You may find it difficult to struggle while you are being raped but do not allow the plant to further subdue you if possible.

If you find yourself being brought inside of the plant after you have been stripped naked, struggle as best you can, but if you find yourself inside of the creature, you may consider it futile at that point. If the creature tries to feed you some of it's sap, it would be a good idea to accept it's offer as the alternative could potentially be an excruciating and slow demise.


You will often find yourself enslaved by a plant which has subdued and raped you,this is because coming across a victim is generally rare for a corrupted plant and they would prefer to incorporate your energy into their diet.

Some plants have pods or other enclosures which to store you inside of, but if one is not readily available, it will begin to grow one immediately, keeping you trapped and warm in the meantime by binding you tightly and keeping you close to it's body.

Your diet will likely consist of sap from the creature which should contain all of the nutrients you need to survive.

You can expect to be raped constantly by the creature, who will utilize your body as a major source of it's energy and consider you as a one of it's organs.

Ideally, rescue will come eventually, but be careful when yelling for help as you could be unknowingly drawing more potential victims toward the plant.

Without any way of communicating with the plant, you may find yourself becoming incredibly bored, but do not give up hope, and try to maintain your sanity, you will need to be prepared in the event that an opportunity to escape presents itself.

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Old 20th November 2012
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Default Re: Hentai Creature Lore: Corrupted Flora

'Special' classes of Corrupted Flora:

Alraune: The 'Alraune' class of Corrupted Flora is a Specialized class of predatory plant which has become attuned to male semen as it's primary energy source. In the case of a tree, a 'Dryad' may be created instead.

Alraune plants actively seek to capture male victims in order to continuously siphon their semen for energy, it is believed that once the corrupted plant has fed from semen for the first time, it will take some of the genetic material and create a human-like form, taking on the visage of an attractive woman. This 'Woman' is simply a tool in which to attract and pleasure men, the construct created has no intelligence outside that of the plant itself, but it's bodily feature may be incredibly similar to that of a real woman.

If an Alraune catches a man, it was force the man down into it's 'vagina' cavity where it will continuously stimulate the man's penis, the Alraune holds the man with it's powerful arms as well as vines so that he may not escape, the captured prey is then forced to embrace the Alraune in this way while he is captured, starring into it's artificial eyes and feeding from it's mouth of it's 'breasts', each of which provide the man with the sustenance he needs to survive.

When the weather becomes cold, the Alraune will bring a shroud of petals up around the two in order to protect itself and it's slave and because the Alraune can sustain itself purely from the energy drained for the man, it is able to survive even through the winter, using the body heat from the man and the plant to keep both of them warm.

Many victims become incredibly attached to their plant captors over time, though there is no formal means of communication, the illusion of love created by the plant may trick the man into believing he is truly happy, many men who are rescued from their plant captors disappear days later into the woods again, determined to be reunited with the Alraune.

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Old 20th November 2012
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Default Re: Hentai Creature Lore: Corrupted Flora

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