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Old 20th July 2012
Eldanesh69 Eldanesh69 is offline
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Default 倒魔巫女たまよ

So just recently downloaded this game and im pretty stuck.

my AGTH keeps hooking less and less text each line until by about 30 seconds in, it hooks like 1 character per entire phrase.

Does anyone have:
1. A solution to the hooking issue?
2. A link to a guide for this game?
3. Played this game and can throw out some hints?

Plz and ty
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Old 20th July 2012
z3r0nx z3r0nx is offline
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Default Re: 倒魔巫女たまよ

To use AGTH with Wolf RPG games, you want to create a shortcut to the game application. Then in the target text box, before the application's path, put:

{path of agth.exe} /c /x3 /kf /ks2

{path of agth.exe}:
- this is the path of your agth.exe; for example, I have mine in the C: drive, so my path is C:\agth.exe

- this option copies the text hooked to the clipboard

- this option adds more hooks to choose from

- this option makes text stop repeating; doesn't seem to work absolutely perfectly in certain situations

- this option removes 2 repeated characters; this is needed because the hook we will use has every character 3 times normally

Once you start the game by using this shortcut, the text hook you want to use to read the text in the game is "lstrlenA". This is the one immediately below the last "GetGlyphOutlineA" hook.

NOTE 1: During battles, there is a lot of text that gets copied to the clipboard using the hook "lstrlenA"; this slows the game down. So. when battling, you may want to switch the hook to the next one until you return to talking sections in the game.

NOTE 2: A lot of text also gets copied to the clipboard when checking your item inventory, buying or selling items, and equipping. In addition, the text may keep repeating. So you again may want to switch the hook you are on until you are done with that.
The text will not repeat if the current window is not the game window. So if you want to hook the text for information about an item or piece of equipment, you can change your window to stop the repeating and find the phrase in the AGTH window.


I haven't played the game yet, nor have I found any websites with a guide, so I can't help with your last two requests.

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Old 21st July 2012
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etigoya etigoya is offline
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Default Re: 倒魔巫女たまよ

If status menu is menu.jpg
In town not much event, only 1 gameover in west side only.
When after boss need click main npc.jpg, maybe new npc in inn.jpg, and maybe need go near jinja.jpg
Sleep can hp recover only, if want mp recover use item or use mp until near zero.
If need money click or hide road in NW
This game is use magic circle in house to dungeon area, kill boss then return to town find main npc.jpg (upper one for hscene) or other, then go back to dungeon find another boss.
Only boss have GoR.
Inside dungeon, some box have useless item, heroine will auto destory it.
Normal item can use only 3, 2 for hp 1 for mp.
僕は英語が良くない:sorry: for my bad english...
RPG walkthrough 1 (link in HF possibly in wrong place) walkthrough 2
New RPG save better use upper right search, search japanese name or RJ number


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Old 22nd July 2012
Eldanesh69 Eldanesh69 is offline
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Default Re: 倒魔巫女たまよ

Awesome, Ill give it another try ty
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