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FlamingYu 19th July 2013 07:16

堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
Full Title : 堕ち姫レディ・ナイト~亡国のお姫様を護衛する女騎士と傭兵~

Mega link : hxxps://!EB83QJrC!KPomWnOKtInpx1XNUAPV3AbXIadYPLidxHaJIgIkCxg

Just thought of sharing what I found, the game part reminds me of Half-Minute Hero (PSP), and anyone manage to hook the game with either ITH or AGTH?

Bloodyryss 19th July 2013 09:39

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
I get an japanese error if i try to run the game o.O

M N M 19th July 2013 10:31

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)

Originally Posted by Bloodyryss (Post 480162)
I get an japanese error if i try to run the game o.O

I didn't get an error. Did you set your regional settings to Japanese?

Bloodyryss 19th July 2013 10:52

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
y I did maybe its my computer but im not sure about it

shinjai 19th July 2013 16:36

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
Thanks, it's pretty good. Took a little while to figure out how to get the party to change directions and figure out that each party member has enemies they are strong and weak against.

The females are also fully voiced, which is a definite plus :D

neocon1 19th July 2013 18:07

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
Anyone wanna go over how to play, im getting my ass handed to me, and im stuck on the first level, I dont read moon speach

thkvl 19th July 2013 19:37

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)

Originally Posted by neocon1 (Post 480249)
Anyone wanna go over how to play, im getting my ass handed to me, and im stuck on the first level, I dont read moon speach

Grind and grind some more. I just let the character run until I need healing, and then heal. You have at least 5 potions, and if you die and restart you keep your exp, so just keep doing it until you outgrind the level. If you want to change direction, like the arrow keys and then click a spot on the map until the arrow points in the direction you want to go and then click the 3 person button below the arrows.

stuntcock42 19th July 2013 22:37

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
Here's a 100% save file, in case anyone is having trouble with the game.

Edit: I'm not old enough to post links apparently

-a loss anywhere within a level shows the GOR scene but then kicks you back to the start of the level with your items, experience, etc... intact
-losing to the level boss doesn't reveal any additional scenes (that is, you can lose to the first mook that you encounter, see the scene, restart the level and then beat the boss on the first attempt - you won't be missing anything)
-each level has a different GOR scene; each GOR scene includes CG for both female characters
-the fourth (IIRC) level is very short and features the male character solo; there aren't any GOR scenes here (naturally) and no boss to fight. You just need to walk "off the edge" of the level to proceed (the exit is in one of the eastern sections)
-at the end of the aforementioned level is a visual-novel-style dialogue choice. Choosing either of the first two options leads to a (consensual) sex scene with one of the two female characters. The third option does not.
-at the end of the final level, you'll see another sex scene with the female character chosen in the dialogue. If you chose the third option, then you get a threesome scene instead.

I can't really offer any gameplay tips; I got bored very quickly and just boosted the character stats in order to finish the battles quickly.

sewermedic 24th December 2013 01:01

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
Holy crap, you weren't kidding about the grinding part. I reached the 3rd level boss at level 23 having cleared the map multiple times and I still got completely demolished. The grinding seriously drags the game on unnecessarily to the point where I just minimize the game and let my characters run around clearing the map on their own.

Art style is really cute though.This game has higher production values than most doujin games.

bgn 24th December 2013 20:06

Re: 堕ち姫レディナイト (RJ118632)
My guess is...
Boy is stronger against monsters or animals. (frogs)
Princess is stronger against unholy or skeletons. (last stage)
Knight is stronger against ogres. (2nd stage)

Keep on killing until all available enemies are left with the [?] mark. If the [?] you got resets all the monsters just go back and kill them all again. You don't even need to lose to reset and win.

At stage 4 where you only control the boy, at the first part of the map go down by putting an arrow pointing down at the bottom part of the map. To be precise at the left side where the trees have a mark. Gives access to lots of power-ups.

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